Panglao: A Quick Getaway

10449471_10152555376136385_6855410977960710787_nThis post has long been overdue. I have actually forgotten the details about this Panglao trip but I still would like to put a post up just to share that this was actually the free round-trip ticket that we got from PAL Express (when our flight to Caticlan got delayed AND re-routed to Kalibo during one of our trips). I have to acknowledge, though, that when we claimed our tickets after about 5 months, it was immediately accommodated, no questions asked. Good job.

We almost did not use this free ticket, because of work and unmatched schedules. But I was so happy we did it for Panglao, Bohol.

We stayed at the Chillout Guesthouse – about 25-30 minutes away from the Alona beach by walking. They say on the website that it’s just a 15-minute walk but it was actually longer than that. Though I loved the customer service, they had wifi, the room was big enough, and they were unbelievably friendly and accommodating (I even added the guest officer on FB because she was that nice), there were a lot more budget hotels by the beach. It was a bit scary walking back at night because they didn’t have enough street lamps in the area. 10463029_10152555377551385_7353240067708502493_n My schedule was only free on a weekend so the stay was really short and hurried. Definitely wished 10440764_10152555376536385_3825200411922646599_nthat I could have stayed longer. Alona beach was like a mini Boracay with restaurants and hotels by the beachfront. We also did a bit of island hopping (where I ate a sea urchin for the first time). If you’re alone you can join group tour – just walk by the beach and within minutes the local tour guides will offer it to you. You should haggle, because they tend to be overpriced. We paid P700 each but when we asked other people on the tour, they were able to haggle to just P400 per person. In the end I realized that if there were at least two of you, just rent a private boat since there’s not much difference in the total price and you get to dictate your pace. We also got to tour inland a bit where we visited a bee farm, a cave I forgot the name of, and found another beach along the way. Below were from Doljo beach: 10155894_10152513052504271_1509138866541844838_n 10397150_10152555378751385_4063561680509431944_o Overall it was a very nice weekend getaway, just quick. Someday I will be back because Bohol deserves more than an overnight stay.



  1. I’m glad you used those tickets. 😝 your photos are incredible!

    1. Hi thanks! Yes, I’m sure glad I did. :))

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