Pleasantly Surprised in Camotes Island

IMG_0960My last solo trip to Cebu was nothing short of fantastic, so I would never pass up an opportunity to go back. And when I got the chance, I immediately booked by flight and invited my friends to come along.

This time I wasn’t quite sure of where to go in particular. I was thinking of going to Malapascua and then renting a boat on to the Kalanggaman Island in Leyte. But for some reason, I figured that I will have to save that trip for later and plan a good itinerary for it.

After briefly studying my options, I finally settled on visiting Camotes Island.

To go there, from Cebu City we rode a bus to Danao port (P40, around 40 minutes travel time from the North Bus Terminal) and from Danao we took a ferry to Consuelo port (P180, 2 hours travel time) in Camotes Island.


Upon arriving in the island there were a number of “habal-habal” drivers offering us a ride to our destination but there was a van from our hotel to pick us up.

We stayed at the Mangodlong Beach Resort. It was one of the best resorts in the island based on TripAdvisor and I did find it a good place to stay at for its rate.The food price was quite reasonable, too.




To visit the different spots we rented 2 motorcycles a.k.a habal-habal (with driver) for P700 each for the whole day.

First stop was the stunningly beautiful Santiago Bay. I’m sure I have seen a picture of it somewhere before, but you never get to really appreciate it until it’s right in front of you. This is the reason why people should explore places. Wow.



Below is the Danao Lake. Also perfect for photo ops!



Down below Timubo Cave is a clear water pool where you can dip in. There were local kids swimming when we got there. We didn’t stay long because we were more excited about our next stop.


The Buho Rock Beach Resort was our last stop for the day and the high rock formations made it the perfect spot to watch the sunset.





I never really expected anything from Camotes Island because of the very little (to none) information that I knew about it. My main reasons for choosing it were because it was fairly easy to reach and I read somewhere that you can go around the island in a day. But in terms of what to actually see there, I had no idea. But going to Camotes Island was a decision that I never regretted because it was such a beautiful place with breathtaking views. The only regret was that we couldn’t stay longer.

This trip validated that Cebu is definitely my favorite part of the country and what’s more exciting is that I’m just starting to scratch the surface. This was my third time to visit and there will surely be many more to follow.


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  1. Wow this place looks amazing! Definitely, on my bucket list now 🙂

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