Capping Off the Year in Boracay


Now that January is done, how has the year been to you so far? Last December, my friends and I decided to spend the last few days of 2013 at one of the best party places – Boracay!

This was pretty much one of the cheapest vacations I had considering the number of days we spent there. Months before, we were very happy to get roundtrip Manila-Caticlan tickets, unfortunately, on the day of departure, we got re-routed (!) to Kalibo and our flight was also delayed! Before any curse words came out, PalExpress immediately told us that each of us will get a FREE roundtrip ticket to any destination in the Philippines (except Basco) redeemable for the next 6 months. Nice save, PalExpress. But it was still such a hassle.


It has been 2 years since my last visit and it was totally crowded this time. We didn’t have any hotel reservations but we were still able to get a room good for 6 at Station 3. We actually thought that it would be hard to find a place since it was peak season but turned out there were still available cheap rooms. (P1700 each for 4 nights).


It was a great vacation and I enjoyed very much because I was with friends. Boracay is a party island, no doubt, and I guess with parties the more the merrier. But along with the tourists there were also a lot more vendors and it was the first time that I saw beggars (though just a few and they came out at night at Station 3).

It was peak season in every way possible.

Overall, Boracay is still great in terms of value for money and convenience. It still has the same powdery white sand and majestic sunsets that has lured many. But if you consider Boracay a paradise and haven’t been to the beaches of a least Palawan nor Cebu, you should definitely visit these places, too. 🙂

Below is a video of us partying away in Boracay. Check it out:


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