Bantayan: One of the Best Beaches I’ve Seen

1276596_10151890520031385_1184928370_oI have been to Bantayan Island the last quarter of last year and I really loved it there. When I was about blog about it with happy selfies after I posted “How I got to Bantayan Island“, it was when Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) hit the country. It devastated mostly the Visayan Region including Bantayan. I then decided to postpone my post because it just didn’t feel right at that time. A lot of people have been misplaced and many lost their loved ones.

Now the island is quickly on its recovery and from the reviews I’ve read from the tourists who went these last two months (you can also visit Bantayan Island’s Facebook page), though they’re not yet a hundred percent, most of the resorts are up and running. There also should not be any problem with transportation.

Here are some of the pictures I took when I went there (before Yolanda). It was such a beautiful place. It was quiet and you can stroll at seemingly endless shores of sand.



Main transportation in the island are “trisykads” (basically a pedicab that can carry 2 people – P20). You can also rent a bicycle at less than P100 to go around. I would usually buy my lunch at the public market which was just 15 minutes away from where I stayed (Anika Island Resort).



Here’s to hoping that tourism will still continue to flourish in this island even after Yolanda. It won’t help if tourists would stay away since it’s a major source of income for the island.



  1. beautiful, i personally like the 4th picture the one with bike. ^_^

    1. Thank you Robi. 🙂 Went to your blog and my photos were nothing compared to yours haha

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