Calaguas: Looking Forward to Next Time

Calaguas in Camarines Norte is one of the island destinations many Pinoy travelers, including me would really love to visit. Based on the pictures and descriptions of people who were lucky to have been there already, the beach is truly one of a kind. So last July, we signed up with Journeying James tours for their Calaguas trip. For some of you travel bloggers, James doesn’t need any introduction. Personally, aside from the excitement of being able to go to Calaguas, it was also the chance to meet the person/team behind Journeying James that made me want to go.

The group met up at McDonald’s near the MRT Buendia station and we were picked up by 3 vans. The plan was to travel to Paracale, Camarines Norte (about 7 hours) overnight and upon reaching the place, we will just have a quick breakfast and will ride a bangka going to the island. Everything was going according to plan, at least until that morning. Unfortunately, there was a storm around that time and the coast guard had to stop us from going to the island since the waves were getting big. James and the group decided not to risk it.

We instead went to a nearby beach resort and camped out in Pulang Daga. It was disappointing that we weren’t able to go to the beautiful Calaguas but it was better to be safe than sorry. There’s always next time, as we always say. So lesson learned, better go there during the summer to avoid stormy weather.


One of the lovers setting up their tent above. What made it still fun was that we were traveling with really friendly people. We were kind of sad, of course, but no one really made a fuss about it. Everybody still had fun! A midst the sudden downpours of rain, we shared stories, gobbled up food during boodle fights, and every time the rain would stop we walked around the beach.




On our second day we went to Bagasbas in Daet (about 1.5 hours away from Pulang Daga) for some surfing action. This is my second time here and the waves were inviting as always.



Our tents needed to dry up.Image

It was scorching hot. Not as commercialized as La Union, but you  You can definitely find restos and carinderias here.


When everybody was stoked enough, after a quick wash (you can take a shower for P10 in some of the eateries), we were headed to Manila at around 4pm.

Peace out.


For those who would like to sign up for Journeying James Tours, you can check their Facebook website here. You can also visit James’ travel blog here. 🙂


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