Baler, Aurora: Two Days of Bliss

I have always wanted to go visit this place on any random weekend but since it’s usually not that easy to convince anyone to come with you on a one-day notice, I finally went.



I had no idea where to go or what place to stay in there, except from a few suggestions from some of my friends who were there a few weeks back. I read some blogs to know which bus to take and I wrote down the name of the hotel my friend mentioned and that was the end of my research. Thought I’d figure it out when I was there already.

This has got to be the most unplanned trip I’ve ever taken. I was actually having second thoughts and was thinking if I’d go to La Union instead, since I’m more familiar with the place. But my gut told me to explore unknown territories.

So before 12 midnight I was on a bus that would take me to Baler 6 hours after.

One can take the Genesis bus in EDSA, Cubao (they are just right beside New York Street). They have scheduled trips bound for Baler which starts at 11:30pm, but they seem to leave as soon as the bus is full already.

It was around past 6 in the morning when I got to Baler. There were tricycles waiting for passengers at the bus station. Since I didn’t have any hotel reservation, I asked to be dropped off along Sabang beach.

Hotels by the beach front were all fully booked. Finally a staff from Bayler View suggested that I try Baler Casitas and it was there where I stayed for 2 nights (P1,200/night during weekdays and P1,400 Fridays-Sundays). I got a nice little air-conditioned hut with a flat screen, a nice bathroom, and a free breakfast buffet.

I decided to mostly just stay by the beach and not take any tours. I’m usually lazy for tours, especially when I am alone. I went out when I needed to eat and when I surfed. Surfing is P350/hour with an instructor, P200 if you’d just rent the board. It also comes with a free sunscreen and a small bottle of mineral water.

Had a blast surfing. Their sand is smooth underwater, so no worries about getting bruises.

Baler is a nice weekend getaway. Definitely more quiet than La Union. If you want peace and quiet but with the same surfing fun, Baler is your spot.

Sorry if I only have one picture here. I only had my phone because I forgot to bring my camera. I KNOW, right? Of all the things to forget.

Baler Casitas is located in Barangay Sabang, Baler Aurora. I wanted to put their contact details here that was on their flyer, but when I tried calling, it wasn’t working. Why print something not functioning?



  1. Would love to go there soon!

  2. Hi Summer,

    You should! 🙂

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