Sunset Watching in Nacpan Beach, El Nido

El Nido was one of my most memorable trips this year. We originally were supposed to just do island hopping but since we had ample time we were able to explore other beaches in the area. One of which was the word of mouth famous Nacpan Beach.


Nacpan is about 1 and a half hours of butt-numbing tricycle ride from the town proper. You can ask around and rent a tricycle for P500. Unless you’re the type who wants to travel alone, it’s better if you’re with a group especially if you’re not familiar with the area and your guide. Plus splitting the fare won’t hurt.




When we got there it was a full stretch of beautiful white sand beach. We were the only ones who where there so it was paradise all to ourselves. We swam to our hearts content and laid down in the sand ’til sunset.



If you’re travelling to El Nido and you’re not in a hurry, make sure to visit this beach. It is truly one of the best beaches I’ve seen. Really feel so lucky to have visited before it gets developed commercially, which I hope would never happen, but you never know.


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