Mt. Pulag: My First Climb

Since it’s July and this marks our anniversary month of climbing Mt. Pulag, I decided to share pictures when we climbed the third highest peak in Luzon.

The Preparation

None. We didn’t even know where Mt. Pulag was. All we knew was that we were in Baguio and Pulag is somewhere near, so we better check it out. We had to ask around people who have been there once about what food and gears to bring. The day before the climb we scrambled to buy food, find flashlights (a necessity!) and garbage bags (they told us that we will kill ourselves with jackets only and garbage bags help you in keeping warm), and grab basically anything useful for our climb.

All smiles

We had to leave Baguio City really early (around 4am) because we were advised that we should be at the orientation area by 7am.

On our way we would stop once in a while to check out the view.

At the Mt. Pulag National Park, where we did our orientation. We also bought some souvenir T-shirts here:

The Trek

After the National Park, we headed to the Ranger’s Station where we ate lunch and looked for a guide (P500). Another guide also came with us to help carry our things since we had to trek from that point on.

We had to stop and get out of the car several times because the road was too rough. Yep, I dunno who in their right mind would bring a Toyota Innova. Apologies to the owner of this brand new car. It was a total massacre.

Sel and our heavy bags.

Every time we reached a resting area we just wanted to stay and sleep right then and there.

The trek was so long and tiring (3-4hrs) that at this point everyone was starting to wonder what we got ourselves into. Lol.

The Sleepover

Finally at the campsite and after setting up our (small) tent, I was ready to faint. We reached the campsite around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and we stayed there overnight for our final ascent which was at 3 in the morning, so that we could see the sunrise from the summit.

Nothing could have prepared me for the super low temperature all through out the night. It was the coldest that I’ve experienced and we didn’t really sleep well. Everyone covered themselves with jackets, garbage bags and blankets, but it was just too cold. Plus, the sudden downpour of rain didn’t help.

I thought he froze to death.

The Summit

When it was finally time, we started with our 2hr summit ascent. The view was nothing less than fantastic.

Mt. Pulag’s summit is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. The scene at the top was breathtakingly awesome that we forgot about our tiredness, lack of sleep, and sore feet. I definitely understand why Mt. Pulag is always on mountaineers’ top 3 list and I feel so lucky to have climbed it once in my life. It was truly an exhilarating experience.


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