Kalutan Ed Dalan 2012 (Bangus Festival), Dagupan

We left Manila at around 4 in the morning and as when reached Dagupan, Pangasinan after 4 hours, we could already see that people were busy preparing for the big day. It was their annual Bangus Festival (“Milkfish” Festival) and the festive mood was definitely in the air. There were banderitas on every post, stages were being set up, and countless grills were lined up along the street of A.B. Fernandez.

By 4:30pm they have started to grill and the people started pouring in. Because of the event, we almost weren’t able to get a hotel room. We had to wait in line and see if someone would check out that day.

Since it was the Bangus Festival, we looked for the perfect grilled bangus for our dinner! We bought 2 fish for P60 each. It was a bit expensive but it was worth it. I was so full that night.

There was a bit of bad news, though. Just as when the bands were starting to play around 8 in the evening and lots of people were still outside enjoying the festivities, rain fell. It was such a downpour that the organizers had to cut the programs short and people went home earlier than expected. But they said that despite what happened, it was still a successful event and that it was a good thing that the grilling started early.


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