A Short Vacation in Hong Kong and Macau

I have only gone out of the country thrice. The first country that I went to was Thailand together with my highschool friends, the second time was in Hong Kong and Macau, and lastly was Singapore.

During my second overseas trip when I went to Hong Kong and Macau, I was supposed to be with two of my friends that time but the other one couldn’t make it the last minute. It was January and we wanted to take advantage of the holidays so we decided to go on a (very) short vacation. We booked for two nights in Hong Kong and one night in Macau.

As we arrived at the Hong Kong Airport we had to our guide hasn’t arrived yet so we had to wait a while. I had a little misunderstanding with the immigration officer because I forgot my tour voucher in my bag which was checked in. You can feel that they are really a little more cautious and strict to Filipinos entering Hong Kong because of “tourists” who overstay on the purpose of looking for a job there. On top of that, he was trying to talk in English but I could barely understand a word he was saying. He was visibly annoyed at the end of our conversation. We were both annoyed. But he let me pass and it all ended well so I just tried to forget about it.

When we stepped out of the bus that dropped us off at our hotel, the first thing we noticed was how cold it was. It was freezing.

We didn’t have an itinerary (as usual) so we just took a map at the hotel lobby so we could roam around while we’re not with the tour group.

There was this one funny incident when we were just roaming around the busy streets and we saw a woman selling siopao. We were asking here about the price and she was answering back in Chinese. Of course we didn’t understand her and she got pissed off. There were a few more incidents like this where the vendors got irate during our interaction, lol. It’s a given that there was a language barrier but they could’ve been more gracious.

In terms of being hospitable, Macau was a different story. The people were more polite and amicable. Stay overnight for the amazing city lights. Most of the establishments, especially the casinos, open at night and the city looks a lot more lively.

Sands Casino

The day of our flight back to Manila, we got kind of worried because the coaster which will drop us off at the ferry station going to Hong Kong, was an hour late. We were in a foreign country and we couldn’t afford to stay there for another day because we had to go to work. Fortunately it did show up, though.

Inside the Venetian (this was around New Year's day, hence the Christmas tree) 🙂



  1. Love your photos!!

    1. thank you! 🙂

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