Boracay Still On My Mind

It’s officially summer time! Like most people, summer is my favorite season of the year because you wake up to bright, sunny mornings everyday. Though being in a tropical country, sometimes you will experience a little bit of rain. It was actually raining in Manila and some parts of Luzon the past few days. But don’t allow that to spoil the fun. This is the perfect time to travel. Schools are on vacation, the Holy Week is just around the corner (which means a at least 5 days of consecutive days off in the Philippines), and the beaches are just too glorious especially this time of the year to miss!

Speaking of  beaches, Boracay has remained to be the one of the most popular summer destinations in the country and I thought of sharing some of my photos from the time I went there.

I’ve been to Boracay twice and I would always bring my sister.

That's her the airport

That's her trying to get a sunburn (I think). The first day was pure humidity, I thought my brain would melt.

Umbrellas! Yes!

Beautiful sunset. But I had to wait for people to clear out to get a good shot coz they kept on walking by. The beach would become really crowded in the afternoon. If you want a relaxing atmosphere in this island, mornings are much, much better.

Like to party? Bars and restaurants are lined up along the beach, from the really loud ones to the really quiet. Here we are having drinks.

Over the years Boracay has been a bit crowded and too commercialized, but one thing remains the same - that powdery white sand!

One of my favorite pics from Boracay.

That was Sel, our friend being offered mangoes and him pretending not to hear. Lol.

If you want peace and quiet, go to Puka Beach.

Diane and Puka Beach.

Hop on.

This beach is full of surprises!

Boracay has a lot of tourists and has tons of establishments, and this might turn some people off. But I personally enjoyed my stay there. It’s a party island and I definitely would go for a third visit.


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  1. Great Blog. I suddenly miss bora

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